Life in modern day Oceania…

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"Meanwhile, the most robust recovery we have had since Reagan, is about to come to an end. Why? Big Brother wants its serfs back. 'Free' as in Freedom', is that four letter 'F' word which Big Brother hates the most."

This has been some month for the local fish wrap newspaper. How many days in a row can this piece of trash go without saying one positive thing about the Red Team? And I am not talking about one particular person on the Red Team (although, Jeff Johnson seems to be the most popular target) - I am talking about the entire Team - both state and national.
When George Orwell wrote his classic dystopian novel 1984, the action took place in London, located in the nation of Oceania. Big Brother was everywhere, controlling everything, including everyone's thought processes. Hello? Been to Minneapolis as of late? "Group Think" is alive and well in the City of Lakes. In any event, Big Brother also controlled the news in Oceania. Just so you would know how to think and and what to feel. And the Star Tribune, is the most powerful tool in our modern day Oceania.
One article said something simply jaw dropping. Even though the Administration tells us our wages are going up, they really aren't. Least wise, not that much. In other words, listen up peasants - you are being taken advantage of. By big business (again). You are still oppressed. Vote Blue Team in November, and everything will get much better for you.
Then, the lead article in the metro section, discussed the tax policies of that stingy Jeff Johnson. How he is going to "gut" education and social programs, just to give tax relief to his "big cigar" buddies. And then give Social Security tax relief to our seniors? Rubbish! Most seniors don't want that! They want to keep contributing more tax dollars for a better Minnesota! In fact, if Johnson gets his way, Minnesota will soon have youth so stupid, they will be sitting under a tree, playing a banjo, just to while the day away. Mississippi - here we come! We need to vote for Walz and the rest of the Blue Team, just to save this great state from Red Team induced mediocrity.
Then there was the editorial article comparing Ellison with Kavanaugh. This one might get the prize for the day. Well, there really is no Ellison issue, you racist people! You are just trying to "Willie Horton" him! Shame on you! Picking on a black man again! But Brett Kavanaugh on the other hand, there is the miscarriage of justice! And to think - this white person of privilege, might get a lifetime appointment, all because of a bunch of old while men in the United States Senate voted him in!
Finally, there was the article about the Blue Team taking over the House of Representatives. Thank heavens! Those stingy, rubber stamp Republicans in Congress will be put to pasture. Then comes the big prize - impeachment! The Blue Team can finally fix this miscarriage of justice resulting from the 2016 election.
They will go after Trump's taxes, his business dealings, his family, his friends, his relationship with his dentist - everything. Plus - (here is the big plumb) - even if Kavanaugh squeaks through and gets on the Supreme Court, they are going to impeach him also! Why? BECAUSE THEY KNOW HE IS GUILTY!!!! Even though there is not a shred of proof, he is guilty!
So life in our modern day Oceania is good. We now know how to think, What to do. What to have for breakfast. Meanwhile, the most robust recovery we have had since Reagan, is about to come to an end. Why? Big Brother wants its serfs back. "Free" as in "freedom", is that four letter "F" word which Big Brother hates the most.