The wants and the needs….

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"This year, Tim Walz is playing Santa for the Democrats. He is very good at it. Lots and lots of stuff."

Many of us parents or grandparents have had this experience. A child will come up with some kind of beg - not request, a beg. "I want this (or that)". Many times the canned response is, "Do you want it, or do you really need it?" Generally the trap works, and the kid responds with "want". Now at that time, it can be a teachable moment to define the difference between a "want" and a "need". Or just a plain "no" will suffice. Anyhow, that is the way it works with kids. But what about our state?
I have said this many times. Democrats nationwide, especially in Minnesota, are great at playing Santa Clause. The Republicans suck at it. Always have, always will. For example, in Democrat lexicon, the words "want" and "need" have the same meaning. It is like a kid filling out a Christmas list before Christmas Eve. That list will have all the heart's desires on it. Santa of course, everybody's roly, poly friend, will grant all those "wants" and the "needs". He will grant them to everyone.
In real life however, the Democrats impersonation of Santa only goes half-way. Sure, the people will come up with a list of their "wants" and "needs". And the Democrats will promise everyone they will get all of them. In fact, Democrats usually go one better. Not only will they promise everything on the list the people have come up with, they will also promise things over and above the list. Wahoo! Of course, on Christmas morning (after the election) the stocking remains empty. Year after year, it is the same thing. Empty promises, empty stockings. But Democrats keep promising, and sheeple keep believing. At least with kids, they eventually grow up and know Santa is not real.
Republicans on the other hand, know the difference between a "want" and a "need". For example, the "needs" of society, the things needed for us to survive as a people, Republicans know how to take care of. The "wants" of the people on the other hand, are different. The only thing Republicans will do, is clear the road as much as possible. Then if people really "want" something, they can work to get it. In other words, Republicans are not Santa. All they promise is equal opportunity - not equal outcomes.
Why is it easy to play Santa Clause like the Democrats do every election cycle? For starters, the Tax Policy Center now estimates that slightly over 45% of our population pays $0 in federal income tax. Many pay no state income tax either. Translation = no skin in the game. This is all upside for the non-payers. Whereas the people who are paying the freight must always to a cost/benefit analysis before an expenditure is made, for the non-payers have no need to. It's all good. No worries - just do it!
The problem is simply this. Our country was founded not on Santa Clause it was founded on the work ethic. It was that way for many years after our founding. But the likes of Roosevelt, LBJ, and today's crop of socialists, have split this country into the makers and the takers. Into the payers and the non-payers.
This year, Tim Walz is playing Santa for the Democrats. He is very good at it. Lots and lots of stuff. When asked how we will pay for all these wants and needs, he mumbles something about "investments" and that is it. Who will really pay for it? The 55% who pay the freight. In particular, the top 10% of the income earners. And the laundry list of freebies this year is daunting.
Jeff Johnson on the other hand, offers solutions to vexing problems and promises only one thing - more opportunities by getting a bloated and intrusive state government out of the way. That is it. No more, no less.
Not as sexy as all the freebies Walz is offering, but on Christmas morning, the Walz stocking will once again be empty. But the Jeff Johnson stocking will be brimming and full of promise and opportunity. The two vital things needed for a better Minnesota.