Interesting if true.

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So the woman who is accusing Brett Kavanaugh of being a drunken teenager has come forward. No one can corroborate her story, of course, although Kavanaugh's buddy, who was supposedly in the room, denies it ever happened. But if this nugget is true, it's pretty amazing:

Christine Ford’s Parents Paula K Blasey and Ralph G Blasey were the Defendants in a foreclosure case in Maryland in 1996. Guess who the Judge was America? None other than Brett Kavanaugh’s mother, Martha G Kavanaugh. You literally cannot make this up.

Here's the information from online court records:


And who presided over the case?


There's more substantiation here than of anything Christine Blasey Ford says regarding Kavanaugh's teenaged comportment. It's not 1991, when Anita Hill could get by with making up a he said/she said story.