The land of the lawless…

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"Most folks I know who live in this neck of the woods, HATE driving into Minneapolis. For a variety of reasons, primarily safety. The city is being managed by a boy mayor and a council who looks and acts like they are out of the Star Wars bar scene."

Anybody hear about last weekend? How our fair city of Minneapolis was trying to look a bit like Chicago? Okay - we are still small potatoes compared to Chicago. But we had a good showing (as far as crime is concerned). Ten people shot with four dead. If fact, it shook up one business owner so bad, he made the decision to pull up stakes and relocate somewhere else. "One murder happened right outside the steps of my business. It could have been an employee or customer." Did you hear that Mayor Frey? That is the sound of more money leaving your town.
I have said this for a while now. We have three options. Option One - let the cops be cops. It is no secret that most of the guns in Minneapolis are illegal. Have more aggressive policing, including "stop and frisk". Option Two - Do nothing. Go with the flow. If crime happens, then crime happens. Option Three - Never mind - there is no Option Three.
Under Mayor Frey and the current City Council, Option One is off the table. That leaves Minneapolis with only Option Two. God help the innocents who will get caught up in this ever growing crime wave. Gangs will become more embolden. Turf wars will become more pronounced. More small businesses will leave. How do I know? This is the same thing which has happened to many of the Blue cities points east of here.
And did you hear about the PUC meeting on the Northern Minnesota Pipeline Project? Some jackass(es) came in to disrupt the meeting. Came in with bullhorns, signs and a plan to disrupt. Bottom line? The meeting had to be scrubbed. Why? The lawless faction won again. Just like when they shut down freeways - and get away with it, scot-free. Could the cops have come in and removed them? Yes, but they did not. Why not? Because the Twin Cities are becoming lawless.
Most folks I know who live in this neck of the woods, HATE driving into Minneapolis or St. Paul. For a variety of reasons, primarily safety. The City of Minneapolis is being managed by a boy mayor, and a council who look and act like they came from the Star Wars bar scene. In other words, many think this city is not that far from total anarchy. And since they have voted to be a "sanctuary city", they might be there right now.
Good luck folks. If you live in Congressional Districts 4 or 5, you might want to consider moving to Congressional District 2 or 6. Then you will have some hope. Wake up. The Twin Cities are lost right now. They are lawless. They are hopeless. They are a mess.