Brian Brenberg vs. Pres. Obama

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Monday night on Fox News @ Night, Brian Brenberg was asked to comment on whether President Obama deserved any credit for today’s booming economy. Brenberg told Shannon Bream that it was fair to give President Obama part of the credit for the job creation. After that, like most honest economists, he didn’t deserve much credit.

For instance, this chart shows that President Obama doesn’t deserve credit for business investment:

The trend during President Obama’s final term in office vs. what’s happening right now is sharp. There isn’t a real comparison between the 2. It’s a waste of time to think that they’re similar. They aren’t.

Digging further into the economic data, the differences become clearer. For instance, small business optimism, especially whether it’s a good time to expand, is skyrocketing:

Another area that President Obama doesn’t deserve credit is with durable goods orders:

As you can see in the charts, they’d been tanking the previous 4 years. Now, they’re skyrocketing. It’s impossible to honestly say that durable goods orders and shipments are a continuation of the Obama administration’s policies. The difference between administrations is night and day.

BTW, it’s worth checking out Brenberg’s interview with Shannon Bream: