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"So the Minneapolis Police Department took a flyer on Officer Noor. Now it is a huge mess which needs to cleaned up. Who lost? Everyone."

I know this subject was just an excellent article by a great writer in Alpha News. I still wanted to put my take on this issue. Why? I think this might end up being a much bigger story when all is said and done. I am talking about the murder of Justine Damond. A murder done by Officer (at the time) Mohamed Noor. What has just been revealed about Noor, and how he got on the police force, is jaw dropping to say the least.
As a gun owner, every time I buy a firearm, or renew my carry permit, I have to fill out forms to prove to the state (and to my sheriff) that I am fit and ready to legally carry a firearm. I don't like it. I prefer Constitutional Carry, but right now, it is what it is. Police officers on the other hand, should (and I am sure they do), go through a much more stringent vetting process before being handed a badge and a gun.
It seems when Officer Noor was going through the vetting process, there were troubling "markers" which showed up. One would think when these "markers" show up, the candidate is thanked for his or her interest in the program, and then shown the door. Not with Officer Noor. Even with these warning signs, he was passed through. And why is that? Was it for diversity of the force? For PC reasons? What? Not to worry. With this massive lawsuit the family of Justine Damond has filled against the city, I am sure all these facts will come out.
Most of us who have been in the workplace have seen PC programs run amok from time to time. At one of my employers, a young man of color, was given a management slot in quality control. I knew this young man and liked him. He and I were friends. It not only came as a shock to him when he was selected to have this post (he had zero quality control experience), but also to some other folks who had their hats in the ring for this spot. Folks who did have the proper experience. To make a long story short, this grand experiment crashed and burned shortly after it started. Is was bad for everyone, especially the young man who was put in that unfortunate position.
If seems the Minneapolis Police Department took a flyer on Officer Noor. Now it is a huge mess which needs to cleaned up. Who lost? Everyone. Justine Damond was innocently killed for no reason. Officer Noor was fired and is now up on serious charges. The family of Justine Damond is without Justine. And the City of Minneapolis is going to have to pay a boatload of money in this pending lawsuit.
I will be following this story as it continues to unfold. Even though the local press would love to have it just go away, facts will surface. Will there be justice for Justine? I sure hope so. And I hope that justice finds its way to the boneheads in city hall which allowed this young immigrant man to become a police officer. When he was neither fit nor ready for it.