Sixty days of madness ahead

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Feigned insanity can be a strategy. After three years of cranked-to-11 freakouts and constant stunts, it gets to the point where writing about the latest antics in politics becomes too much to take.

Everyone knows the Democrats and their ancillaries in the news media are acting like their hair is on fire. How do we know? Because it seems obvious. But what is obvious isn't necessarily true. Bob Woodward seems to be recycling the same stories, from the same unnamed sources, that Michael Wolff was peddling last year. But this time, we're supposed to believe the stories, because they come from Bob Woodward. We're being gaslighted 24/7. And maybe I'm gaslighting you.

If you can disorient someone sufficiently, they can't make sense of their world. That's the game for the next 60 days. Keep your wits about you.

Have fun