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I know I've said it over and over and over again how a Republican has not prevailed in a statewide Minnesota election since 2006. However, the dry spell has been even longer for the office of MN Attorney General as there has been exactly one Republican elected to that office since 1954 (Douglas Head in 1966).

While there are strong indications of the 2018 midterms pointing to (for now) Dems making significant gains nationally, Minnesota is garnering the attention of some national groups, one in particular being the Republican Attorneys General Association.

With the GOP putting up a solid legal mind in Doug Wardlow while the Dems counter with the deplorable Keith Ellison, there is a glimmer of hope here.

Add to that the news shared recently by my friend and veteran political activist Andy Aplikowski.

I'm excited to announce that I have joined the Doug Wardlow for Attorney General campaign as Political Director.

Please donate and sign up to volunteer today, so we can win this important race this November.

I've said many times before that any campaign which brings Andy on to its staff will be getting an incredibly knowledgeable, dedicated and diligent worker. If I had to pick just one statewide race which has the best opportunity for a GOP pick up, I believe this would be it!