Turnout = $$$$$

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"Just remember this one thing folks. Voter turnout = Red Team victory = more money in your pocket. The math really is as simple as that."

Some great news for the President this week! The Arizona primary is complete, and the person who the President endorsed - won. Florida also had a primary this week, and the candidate the President endorsed - won. The GOP also won in both of those states as the turnout for primary voting was higher for the Red Team than the Blue Team. Nation wide this should be a good thing - right?
Not so fast cowboy. The state which almost went red two years ago, the state the President REALLY wants red this year, will sadly stay blue. WHAT???? What kind of heresy is that Bird!!! The fact of the matter is simply this - as nice as it was that more Republicans came out to vote in Florida and Arizona, that was simply not the case in Minnesota. In fact, not only did more Democrats come out in our August primary - they smoked the Red Team by about 2:1.
If that ratio holds in the November election, we can kiss good-bye the Minnesota House, the Governor, Attorney General, State Auditor and Secretary of State. Then throw in both Senate seats, and some of the House seats. The only "red" in Minnesota will be the blood bath the Republicans had at the ballot box.
And one more thing folks. If the state turns a brighter blue, the "green" in our pockets will be a little less so. We can kiss good-bye getting rid of the Social Security tax; we can kiss good-bye any hope of getting our tax rates reduced; we can kiss good-bye any chances of luring new businesses in here by have a lower business tax - and - throw in the extra expense of becoming a sanctuary state.
Or....we can do like the President has requested - and turn this state red. How? It is so simple, it is like falling off a log. GET OUT AND VOTE!!! Each and every one of us! If we leave it up to the "other guy" to pull the load, WE WILL LOSE FOR SURE! Republicans are famous for throwing in the towel, thereby letting the other side win.
Case in point. In 2012, many Red Team voters were so nonplussed with Mitt Romney, they stayed home in droves. Like 3 million less Red Team voters showed up in 2012 than did in 2008. And then, after Obama was sworn in for the second time, the ones who did not vote bitched the loudest.
By the way, even with some suspected voter fraud in play, low voter turnout also resulted in Senator Al Franken (and thereby ObamaCare) and Governor Mark (Foggy) Dayton. It gave us SOS Mark Ritchie, and AG Lori Swanson. This time around, if we have low voter turnout once again, we will for sure have Attorney General Keith Ellison and Congresswoman Omar. Let that sink in for just a minute or two.
Folks, we can win this thing, and win it big. We have the message, we have the people. What we don't have is the people willing to take that one day, and vote. In 2014, the SOS office said we had a hair under 4M eligible voters in the state. Suppose they are split 50/50 between the parties. That would be 2M each. In 2014, neither Dayton nor Johnson got over 1M popular votes. In other words, if all the eligible voters on the Red Team voted that year, Jeff Johnson would have won by an historic landslide. As it was, he lost by 6%.
Just remember this one thing folks. Voter turnout = Red Team victory = more money in your pocket. The math really is as simple as that.