If what Archbishop Viganò claims is true. . .

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. . . the implications are enormous. Writing for The American Conservative, Rod Dreher sums it up:

If it’s true, though, then we have to see conservative Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’s statement over the weekend as a nuclear bomb going off in the enemy’s capital.

Vigano said openly the kinds of things that Catholic conservatives have said privately for years. He has told tales out of school. Some defenders of Pope Francis are questioning Vigano’s motivations for doing so, but no questions about his reasons are remotely as important as this one: “Is Vigano telling the truth?”

A source reported to me recently that a prominent journalist in Francis’s circles had been saying that the McCarrick scandal had the potential to make the Church “implode.” I didn’t understand how that could happen, but now that Vigano has published, it makes sense. McCarrick is a condensed symbol of the entire web of sexual, ecclesial, and financial corruption spread throughout significant portions of the Catholic hierarchy.

The corruption began many years ago. We've been watching a modified limited hangout for the last twenty years. It never seems to end because too many people are still trying to avoid telling the truth. The linked piece is quite long and includes long passages from other sources, but it's worth your time.