No Mystery

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“Garage Logic” is signing off for the last time next month.

It was not mutual – Soucheray’s salary while KSTP’s have spiraled has to have been a pig in a python for the once-wealthy station – but it sounds amicable enough anyway:

It’s highly unusual for a broadcast personality to be fired, but given another month on the air. The move allows Soucheray and his staff one final opportunity to cover the Minnesota State Fair.

“It’s a sign that the station has had great respect for the show and it’s more than generous they’re allowing us to end it this way,” Soucheray said. “The usual way it happens is you are told ‘Your last show was yesterday.’ They’ve told us we can handle this any way we want.

I haven’t listened to Garage Logic in probably 10 years – the endless inside jokes grated on me. But I always liked Soucheray and his on-air persona, and the fact that a show like that could become a local institution. Having run the board for Soucheray a few times back in the eighties, I always thought he was a stand-up guy, especially given the rampaging egos and dubious social skills of many in the broadcast industry.

I figured “GL” was doomed eight years ago when KSTP-AM went sports. I guess I was right, eventually…