Tuesday at the Bank…

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"It will interesting on Thursday to do a post mortem on this event. Will it be just a 'nothing burger', or will there be something else to it."

People have often debated how many Somalia refugees now live in Minnesota. This November, the Refugee Resettlement Program is going to be a front and center issue in Minnesota. That is - it will be with many, maybe not all. Why is the number of Somali refugees important? Is it because we are encased in xenophobia? Not a bit. Are we racists? I don't believe so. It is because the Somali immigration program might be Exhibit "A" on how our entire immigration program has gotten out of control.
Why do I say that? A while back an immigration official explained how the system works. Suppose one year, the state of Minnesota agrees to take 5,000 people from Somalia. The State of Maine also agrees to take 5,000 people. The following year, 3,000 Somalians in Maine decide the benefits are better in Minnesota, plus they have clan members there. So they move. Illegal? Not a bit. Can Minnesota afford an additional 3,000 people with poor language and limited work skills? That is the question.
Jeff Johnson, when he becomes Governor, wants to put a pause, or a complete halt to this program. Why? To start with, many people who live in the St. Cloud area have had it. They no longer feel like hosts - they feel like they have been invaded. And when these additional people come into a community with no notice, the budget to accommodate them is either not there, or stretched to the limit.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, there will be an event called ED AL-ADHA 2018 held at US Bank Stadium. Up to 50,000 Muslims are expected to attend. Let that sink in for just a moment. For the Super Bowl in February, there were 67,000 people in attendance, and the stadium was packed to the gills. 50,000 is a whole lot of people. And where are they coming from? Are they all from Minnesota? Minneapolis? Bottom line - nobody knows.
Anyone know who is funding this? Will extra services from the city be required? Super Bowl 52 cost a small mint for extra police and security. BTW - before the last huge event in the stadium (Super Bowl 52), the paper was filled with information about the stadium for weeks prior to the event. Today's paper has nary a word that I could find.
It will interesting on Thursday to do a post mortem on this event. Will it be just a "nothing burger", or will there be something else to it. I do know this - now that this event has been made known, social media is buzzing about it. Why? Until we have total understanding and consensus on our refugee resettlement issue in Minnesota, events like this are going to continue to cause controversy.