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"Thank you DFL - you may have just handed us the new Al Franken - and the AG position - for first time in a half a century."

A while back, a friend (who was not politically astute), asked me if I could sum up the difference between Republicans and Democrats in a few short, yet easy to understand sentences. I believe he thought he might be on the receiving end of something very profound. Instead, he was very disappointed with my answer. Why? You be the judge.
I told him putting economics and social issues aside, to me the biggest difference between the two parties, is how they handle damaged goods. Damaged goods? Like someone who cheats on his or her spouse; someone who abuses a family member; someone who steals, someone who assaults, and so forth. Republicans, no matter how much they may like this candidate, once this type of damning information is known, cannot "deep six" that person fast enough. No matter how much that hurts their chances in the election.
Democrats on the other hand, will keep all kinds of damaged goods. They will put as much lipstick as they can on that pig, and then spin a yarn of biblical proportions to make the flawed person look like a saint. Then they will coalesce. They will become Yellow Dogs. Need proof?
Keith Ellison, who has more warts than the witch in Hansel and Gretel, won the primary without winning the party endorsement in June. So the DFL had a special endorsing event for Keith and whomever else needed endorsing. After all these things became known about Keith's association with Farrakhan, his (alleged) domestic assaults (two of them), and his open borders protests, the DFL OVERWHELMINGLY endorsed this damaged candidate to be the next Attorney General of Minnesota.
This is great news for the Red Team! The Blue Team is now firmly on record. On record for not giving two hoots and a holler about believing a woman's side to the story - especially when it involves a powerful Democrat politician. Then to endorse Ellison for not just any position - to endorse him as the chief law enforcer in Minnesota! The one who wants everyone to DISOBEY our immigration laws! The one who has proven association with the man who hates Jewish people. Thank you Democrats! You have just made the Red Team's job in November even easier!
There is much more I could say about Ellison but I won't for many reasons. First and foremost, I don't want to sound impolitic. The other is, I don't want to go to Facebook or Blogger's jail. These other items about Keith will be brought up by a swarm of people - over and over and over and over again.
My guess? I think the heat might get too hot in the kitchen, and the powers that be in the DFL still might have to "deep six" him. Should that happen, I think Mike Hatch is still warming up in the bull pen.
Anyone who thought the November election is going to be boring, might want to re-think that. I think it is not only going to be entertaining, but also enjoyable - that is, if your color is red. Thank you DFL - you may have just handed us the new Al Franken - and the AG position - for first time in a half a century.