One HUGE non story…

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John Brennan, the former CIA Director in the Obama administration got his clearance yanked. On another note, my grass continued to grow this weekend. Both stories are of equal importance. Why do I say that? I had a very high level clearance for over 20 years while in the Navy. It was an honor and privilege to have such a clearance. I had that clearance at the pleasure of the United States Navy. At any time, for any reason, the Navy could have relieved me of that clearance. When I retired, my clearance was also retired.
Many in the Deep State have gone in front of a camera or a mic and decried their outrage at President Trump. One idiot Senator even threatened to draft legislation to prevent the President from doing this again. Would someone pinch me and wake me up? What planet is this? Senator Tim Scott summed it up the best. Take the names or parties out of it. If one cannot prove that having a clearance makes this country safer, that clearance should be retired. Gosh, that makes sense!
Why is the Brennan issue getting so much traction? He is a highly ranked member of the Deep State. The underlings of the Deep State are starting to rally around the pole, in support of Brennan. Just wait however. More are coming. Clapper, Comey, and a few select misfits still employed in the DOJ are next. Maybe even some in the FBI. Why? President Trump not only favors loyalty, but more importantly - performance. He also knows that having a clearance is a high honor. To act dishonorably in your job, shows you do not deserve the honor of having a clearance.
In any event, change is always harder for some rather than others. Fans and followers of the Deep State have lived the status quo for decades, so this change is gut wrenching. For others, such as myself, this type of change is long overdue. I gladly embrace and applaud what the President has done and will continue to do.
So Brennan, dry your eyes and quit your bitching. You are still getting your retirement. Nobody is throwing you in jail (yet), and you are free to go on MSNBC and run your yap. This is the biggest non-issue I have seen in a long, long time. Why it is getting the air time it is, is way beyond me.