Quick Hits: Volume CLXIX

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- Now that Jeff Johnson is officially the GOP candidate for Minnesota governor, it's time for all MN Republicans to coalesce behind him. As such, I noticed a good number of Tim Pawlenty supporters publicly declaring they are now officially on the Johnson bandwagon.

You would think it would be pretty obvious that those already in Johnson's camp would be welcoming to new supporters. And I daresay that the vast majority were indeed extremely cordial to newcomers. However, I noticed a handful of Johnson's supporters chiding T-Paw faithful for "being late to the party" or even performing a proverbial spiking of the football for knocking out the "establishment choice." For a political party which hasn't won a statewide election in Minnesota since 2006, such an attitude is utterly stupefying.

If we MN Republicans have any aspirations of snapping a 12-year statewide drought, I would strongly suggest tamping down the arrogance posthaste.

- Narrator: The following conversation, while entirely plausible, is fictional even though it's based on actual events.

CNN's Chris Cuomo: "I'm going to give a commentary so asinine and morally vapid that it's bound to make heads explode."

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY): "Hold my chardonnay, little brother."

- Yeah, so this was pretty crummy news.

Former U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman announced on Facebook Tuesday that his cancer has returned.

Coleman, who served as mayor of St. Paul from 1994 to 2002, had previously battled throat and neck cancer. He said he is two weeks into chemotherapy treatment for stage 4 cancer, where “the prognosis … is typically not optimistic.”

“The beast that is my cancer has returned. It has reasserted itself. The prognosis for metastasized cancer is typically not optimistic.”

“I won’t lie to you. Cancer has shaken my soul. But, it has not broken my spirit,” said Coleman, 68, in the online statement describing his illness. He said he is nonetheless confident the fight is “very winnable.”

Coleman's future daughter-in law likely echoes the sentiments of the entire family.

Rest assured that the Coleman family will be part of my daily prayers.