Better than a ride on the Midway!

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"One more thing before I sign off. Looking at the numbers from last night in all the races was very telling. Numbers. The Blue Team numbers were higher than the Red Team numbers in just about every race."

Holy smokes, knock me over with a feather! This wild ride which started with a friendly cup of coffee almost two years ago, just got a whole lot wilder. How wild? Like the wildest ride at the State Fair Midway wild! Last night at Jeff's victory party, the most unexpected thing happened. It turned out to really be a victory party. Oh, Jeff's team knew it could and would happen - but the vast array of pundits were left slack jawed, struggling to find explanations.
The event was held at Lucky's 13 Pub in Plymouth. My wife and I got there a bit early to see if we could help out. Nope - Danny and crew had it well in hand - so my wife and I sat in the main part of the restaurant until 6:30. When we walked into the event room, it was a sea of red - Jeff's campaign color. There were large screen TV's on almost every wall, and the buzz had already started.
When the first results started to filter in, they were surprising, even to the most optimistic. An early 13 point lead over the heavily favored former Governor. As the night went on, more and more counties reported in. Jeff's lead was holding. Now the buzz became almost like a dull roar. More counties, and more counties came in. Jeff's lead started to slip just a bit, but was still double digit.
Shortly before 10, mission impossible became mission accomplished. Tim Pawlenty conceded and Jeff won a decisive victory in the primary. Jeff also knew by that time who his opponent was going to be in the general - the formidable Tim Walz. That is okay - Tim Pawlenty was formidable also. Last night was a time for celebration. Today is the first day of the rest of the campaign.
The Red Team is once again coming together. No more nipping at each other's heals. Those days are gone - those days are forgotten. Any unkind thing which was said against me, or any part of the team, now rests in the dust bin of history. Forgotten, and forgiven. What I ask is the same. Anything I might have said against the other team in the heat of battle also be forgotten and forgiven. To beat this monolith called the DFL, we need to have clear heads and fresh hearts.
Some have really not heard the entire span of Jeff's vision for Minnesota. They will shortly. Tim Walz might be the nicest guy in the world, but I have already heard his vision for Minnesota. Straight out of Blue Team talking points. Jeff's message, is not taken from of any talking points. Why? It is not status quo. How much of Jeff's message is new and refreshing? Stay tuned - between now and November, Jeff and his team will be getting those ideas out to the voting public.
One more thing before I sign off. Looking at the numbers from last night in all the races was very telling. The Blue Team numbers were higher than the Red Team numbers in just about every race. What does this mean? We can have the freshest candidate with strongest, most inspirational message, and it won't mean spit if we can't turn out the vote.
For reasons I have never understood, there are more Democrats in this state than Republicans. Plus, many of the Democrats are "Yellow Dogs". To beat these guys in November, to take not only the Governor spot, but all the state constitutional offices, a Senate seat or two, and a few more Congressional spots - we really do need a Red Tsunami of voters come November.
And what happens if we don't get that Red Tsunami, and November turns out to be the much feared Blue Wave instead? Then Minnesota will truly turn into that cold Omaha we have heard so much about. It is up to us to ensure that DOES NOT HAPPEN!