Keith’s quamire

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If you follow Minnesota politics at all, you've undoubtedly heard by now that Congressman Keith Ellison (who is also vying to be the Democrat nominee in the MN Atty General race) was hit with some serious allegations of domestic abuse.

Austin Monahan, who is the son of Ellison's former girlfriend Karen Monahan, laid out the allegations in a long Facebook post (apologies for the strong language).

Ms. Monahan backed up her son's claims via Twitter on Sunday afternoon.

- With Primary Day in Minnesota taking place this Tuesday, it's quite possible Ellison will have already wrapped up the DFL nomination for AG given that early voting began June 29. I have a feeling that since many "metrocrats" share Ellison's campaign strategy of fervent anti-Trumpism, they were motivated to cast their votes ASAP. Chalk this up as another reason why voting early for reasons outside of knowing you will absolutely not be able to physically go to the polls on Election Day is a bad idea.

- Ms. Monahan's son claimed there's video evidence of Ellison's physical abuse. Ellison denies its existence. Seems to me this would be an easy dilemma to solve.

- Even if the Ms. Monahan declines to offer up the video evidence, the proggie mantra of "Every woman deserves to be believed" means there should be pressure applied on Ellison to resign from Congress and drop out of the AG race, right? Personally I'm all for letting the legal process play out (a courtesy which leftists and the media would not extend to Republicans). However, going after the mere accused with proverbial torches and pitchforks is the standard which leftists have set. Let's see if they stick to their "principles."

- And finally, you know it's a bizarro world when the deplorable Ryan Winkler throws Ellison under the bus.

Of course, the cynic in me believes this is part of a long-term ploy by Winkler to tear down an Attorney General candidate as well as current/former AGs in an effort to position himself for a future election to an office he covets.