Our Great Sanctuary Divide

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"The trio of clowns running for Governor on the DFL side all have said they like the idea of Minnesota being a sanctuary state."

The other day when I was in the kitchen dicing up an onion, I had this thought. In the not too distant past, our country might be divided into two distinct groups such as, white vs. non-white, rich vs. poor, north vs. south, or whatever. Today however, we are like the onion I was dicing. We are sliced and diced, and then sliced and diced all over again. We can come up with almost unlimited ways to divide us, but precious few to unite us.
In the graphic above, you see the DEMOCRAT Mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney, dancing with an assistant once he received news the court ruled Philadelphia could be a sanctuary city. That was in June. Two months later (this month), a criminal alien, who had an ICE hold on him (unenforced by the city), brutally raped a five year old girl. How could this have happened? I don't know. You would have to ask the "dancing Mayor".
Back to the onion story. As of late, another way we are divided are the ones who believe in the rule of law, and those who "kind of do". Anyone who abides with the sanctuary city or sanctuary state concept comes under the "kind of do" category. This was evident in the recent raid on the hog farm in Sleepy Eye, MN. ICE came in force to bust those who were working there illegally, and those who turned a blind eye letting them do it. The town was divided on how they felt about this raid.
Here is the bottom line as I see it. Not everyone "likes" the job of working in a hog farm. If we are unable to get enough legal citizens to do that type of work, it is then time to issue temporary work permits or visas to non-citizens so they can come here and make some money. They would no longer be "illegal" and need to hid in the bushes - they would be temporary workers, legally employed here via a work permit or visa.
Until we can either get behind our laws as written, or have Congress change them, this issue of immigration and sanctuary refuge areas will continue to vex us. And it will only get worse, and not better. It will continue to rip the fabric of our society apart.
Do you want to know when this issue will really hit the fan? In 2020. That is when during the next Presidential election, sanctuary cities or states could let their illegals vote. That is going to be a mess of historic proportions. It could be the issue which could tip this country into total chaos. Nothing the Russians could do to our voting, would be more destructive than letting illegals voting for our President.
By the way good people of Minnesota, one final thing. The trio of clowns running for Governor on the DFL side all have said they like the idea of Minnesota being a sanctuary state. Remember that in November. Oh - remember this also. Every vote counts. Just ask the good folks in Kansas.