Close to home

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When it comes to my political activism, outings with friends, etc., living in a northwestern Twin Cities suburb like Ramsey often means significant travel to most venues.

With this Saturday being chock full of places to go/people to see, it would stand to reason that I will be putting some serious mileage on the vehicle. Ah, but amazingly enough the proverbial stars aligned in my favor for the day's agenda.

  • The monthly meet-up of MN Gun Owners is happening at a cafe in Anoka late morning, a mere 15 minutes away.
  • The wildly popular Game Fair takes place this weekend and next. It's held annually at Armstrong Ranch, which I can practically see from my backyard.
  • Then to wrap up the evening, cover band Elephant In The Room (fronted by my friend & NARN colleague Mitch Berg and featuring former NARN board op Tommy Huynh on lead vocals) will be performing at Outpost Bar & Grill, about 5 miles east of our humble abode.

Yes, it'll be a rare Saturday where I won't even have to venture out of Anoka County!