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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

While watching Family Feud with Steve Harvey, I saw commercials for the new Magnum, PI and Murphy Brown. Magnum is updated with new people but Murphy Brown drags Candace Bergin out of the nursing home, just as Roseanne is shuffling back again. What is it with 30-year-old programs?


So . . . are we winning?;-at-least-30-shot-in-chicago-sunday/3886976/


This will end well.


A gender-neutral sorority is literally a contradiction-in-terms. The fact Harvard University can’t understand that is bewildering.

Why remember the number of the amendment? The number comes from a dead-letter document written by white male slave owner haters icky icky. Asking this question is like the professional responsibility exam asking whether certain conduct is a conflict under Rule 1.8 or does it fall under 1.9. Who cares? We know we have rights, that’s enough.

The City calls it the “Summit-University” avenue but that’s just the boundary streets, those two areas have nothing in common. And this incident happened when police were called to multiple gunshots at 2:30 AM at 900 St. Anthony, which is the I-94 frontage road at about Lexington. I think we can assume the dead guy was completely innocent, just turning his life around, the usual . . . and kudos to Mayor Melvin Carter for taking a neutral approach. Nice for a change, unlike the ACLU, which jumped right in with accusations and demands.


Wonderful news. The state is laundering money to the school districts for security improvements, which will free up school district money to pay for more diversity coordinators.


Why is it any of Congress’ business what a retailer sells? Why is Ellison involved? And if they’re serious about banning products that “glorify hatred, violence or intolerance,” then Che Guevara t-shirts should go, too. And nobody is more intolerant than Muslims, so stop selling Korans?


The differences between Minnesota Democrats running for Governor range from lefty to leftist to bat-shit crazy. Hard to decide, with choices like that.

Ban guns, free health care for everybody, raise taxes to spend more, what’s not to love?

There’s something for everyone.