When will it ever stop???

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"Well phooey! So much for the once revered Fourth Estate. To me that name means nothing anymore."

I was going start out this article by telling you all how SICK TO DEATH I am about hearing some facets of the so called "media" go on and on and on. Every day they blather about how this President did something wrong enough to get him kicked out of office. I am ready to pull what little hair I have remaining out of my head!
I swear, this is the tale of two realities. One reality, which is nothing more than a false narrative, has this cheating, lying SOB in bed with Russia's Putin. Together they "stole" the election from the heir apparent, Hillary. And for that, the Left will NEVER forgive him nor leave him alone.
The other reality, is real. It is about a President, a business man, an outsider to Washington, who from the beginning, sensed what is broken. From the time he took his hand off the Bible, he hit the ground running. Like a fireman who runs into a fire to save the day, Donald Trump ran into the Washington swamp. This 72 year old man, is out working, out performing, out doing, most of the entire Washington establishment combined. And not just working, producing tangible results. Stuff is getting done. Important stuff.
I have said this before. If the economy has been this robust under Obama, if Obama had gone to North Korea and struck a historic deal to get them to get rid of their nukes, if the United States became an energy exporter under Obama, if unemployment for minorities dropped to almost an all time low under Obama, If GDP hit 4.1 under Obama, they would be prepping Mount Rushmore for one more face. But with President Trump, not so fast. In fact, if you turn on the highly unwatchable CNN or MSNBC, all you hear is Russia, all the time. Is that ever going to STOP???
Well phooey! So much for the once revered Fourth Estate. To me that name means nothing anymore. After all, it started out in England with some nebulous underpinnings. From there, the term came to America and has gained far more credibility than it deserved. In fact, some have given it the honor of the being the paragon of truth. Ha! In reality, all this Fourth Estate has done by demonstrating its dereliction of duty, is give rise to the Fifth Estate.
Fifth Estate? What are you talking about Bird? There is no such thing. Oh, yes there is. It is the non-traditional way to get the news out. The "new media" some are calling it. You Tube, podcasting, social media (to an extent), and yes - blogging. This article you are reading right now is a part of this Fifth Estate.
I am going to finish this up with a very dire warning. And it is an answer to the question I first started with - when will it stop? It will stop in a civil war. I am convinced that if the Democrats, along with the corrupt media, are successful in driving this President out of office, after all the good things he has done for this country, all hell is going to break loose.
The citizens and the patriots will not stand for that kind of travesty of justice. THAT will for sure be the match which starts the nation on fire. And after the fire stops burning, all the media need to do is look in the mirror to see the cause.