The Bear, the Dragon, and the Eagle

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"My bet is in on a contest between the Bear, the Dragon and the Eagle - it has always been on the Eagle - and always will be."

I guess the old Sino-Soviet block must be stocking up on Viagra, as they are now ready to "strut their stuff". What kind of stuff? Like I had mentioned many times before, when Barack Obama put America in a trance (during his eight years), China and Russia went to town. With no "sheriff" in town, holy smokes, did they develop and build some nice stuff. How nice? Nice enough to "strut their stuff", once again.
Recently, the Cold War was relived when Putin on a parade of his most modern and lethal weaponry on Red Square. In particular, Putin wanted to show off his brand new "hyper-sonic" missile. The one which could hit you had the chance to could say, "I surrender!". There were other goodies also, but the star of the show was Putin's hyper-sonic weapons.
Then the Red Dragon said, "Hold on! Wait until you see what I have!" Like what, one might ask? Aircraft carriers! Big ones! Okay - maybe only one. And it is not to be commissioned until 2020. Once that is commissioned however, the total number of carriers between Russia and China will be - 2. The number of carriers of all types the United States will have have, will be - 20.
How important is our military to our current President? He will put our spending in the deep red if he has to. By the end of his second term, it would not surprise me to see an operational rail run (on ships) and laser or particle beam weapons on aircraft as well as shore side.
As a former VLS contractor, I can tell you this with certainty - don't underestimate our fleet. They are protected from below the wave tops to the azimuth. And each month, each year, that protection grows even tighter. Soon, with Space Force, the azimuth will get a whole lot higher.
The brand new USS Gerald R. Ford will replace the new USS Enterprise - but not for long. For you Trekkie fans, the Enterprise is coming back. Not tomorrow, but soon after. The CVN - 80, will be ready for duty in the middle of the next decade. And that will be the USS Enterprise. However before then, will be the John F. Kennedy. All three of the new Ford Class will be lethal and almost invincible.
So Russia? China? Do you want to see who has "little hands"? It ain't us. Regardless of what Obama did to our military, we are back, and back big time. My bet on a contest between the Bear, the Dragon and the Eagle - it has always been on the Eagle - and always will be.