That Moment…

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  1. “Safe” has become like “Fair,” a word with no objective meaning and therefore no utility in social decision-making.

    It’s not “fair” that you get more free stuff than I do. I’m not “safe” if you exercise nude. These are not measurable, actionable criteria. They are tantrums.

  2. “Gymgoers who saw Stagno’s naked exercises reported feeling ‘disgusted,’ ‘sick’ and ‘unsafe,’ Morgan said.”
    It is truly horrifying to think of it, but most men (myself included), carry within their pants a weapon capable of raping and impregnating a nearly limitless number of women.

  3. MP
    not “nearly limitless” – when will women learn.
    Never mind that after the initial couple of cycles any subsequent recovery cycle times can triple and quadruple if not lapse into a state where The Old Avenger suffers a total failure to launch, the real enemy is chafing!

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