Trump Went a Tweetin’

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And he did ride, uh huh. He's covering a lot of ground this morning:

Did he just threaten Iran? Why yes, yes he did

That's a lot to chew on. Certainly more than I can cover in the limited amount of blogging time I have this morning. But a few thoughts are in order:

  • No surprise that Trump would be all over the FISA document dump that took place over the weekend. I'm reasonably certain his most recent Tweet is accurate? So, why put up with the redactions? Trump is the Leader of the Free World. He can order his people to publish the whole thing without the redactions. At some point, he's going to have to, don't you think?
  • Of course, if the story of the day was supposed to be the FISA skulduggery, threatening Iran in ALL CAPS steps on the narrative.
  • That's a hell of a threat he delivered to Iran. ALL CAPS, even. Is he prepared to back it up? What would that look like? A couple of Tomahawk cruise missiles isn't going to cause Rouhani and the Mullahs (a great band name, by the way) much suffering. Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening. To make good on his threat, you'd need regime change in Iran. Do you think the CIA, last seen trying to take out Trump, would be up for another Mossadegh adventure? Or are we talking bunker busters all over Qom? Or something else entirely? Lotta questions here.