Fair reading

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Writing for the American Spectator, former federal prosecutor George Parry provides a valuable service by pointing out what is obvious:

So, what did Trump do that for the thousandth time has summoned the furies of Le Résistance de la Gauche?

He — gasp — declined to publicly scold and insult Putin to his face and questioned the probity of our intelligence community, i.e., the deep state cabal who have been trying for the past three years to frame him for colluding with the Russians. In doing so, he pointed out the obvious fact that these ongoing efforts to destroy him have complicated and impeded his ability to conduct foreign policy especially in regard to this nation’s fraught relations with Russia, the world’s second largest nuclear power.

He was even so unpatriotic as to question the basis for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s latest pretend indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officers which — to put it kindly — appears to be the product of questionable investigative work. Most tellingly, he asked how Team Mueller had determined that the Russians had hacked the Democratic National Committee’s computer when the DNC has forbidden law enforcement access to its server. This is a not inconsiderable question.

Parry is reading things correctly I noticed one thing about Trump's remarks that stand out. He tweeted the following:

"MY" does not equal John Brennan

Trump also mentioned Dan Coats, the Director of National Intelligence, by name. Coats has to manage a lot of people who are gunning for his boss, but he can't really get rid of those people easily, or even at all in many cases.

It may not be possible to completely reform the Swamp. Its denizens are intelligent, resourceful, remorseless, and ruthless. There are thousands of Peter Strzoks in Washington, willing to do whatever they can to stop this administration from succeeding. Cleaning them out is a big job.