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I don't use Twitter much, but I admire people who use it intelligently (h/t AoS):

It's easy if you try

Top left is the Jason Howerton's tweet of Chris Cillizza of CNN, who doesn't like it that Donald Trump won't put up with his network's whiny Sam Donaldson wannabe, Jim Acosta. All those halo shots of Mr. Trump's predecessor tell the tale quite nicely.

And while we're at it on the explanation front, here's Kurt Schlichter with another hunk o' red meat:

One of the secrets of Trump’s success is having really, really stupid enemies, enemies who are so tone-deaf and out-of-touch that they simply cannot adopt commonsense positions that resonate among normal Americans. The establishment instead insists on telling Americans that up is down, black is white, and girls can have penises. Nope. No wonder the Normals have gotten militant, and no wonder a leader like Donald Trump came along with the vision to exploit the opening the establishment left for an outsider to rise and prevail by embracing the obvious.

And seriously, wouldn't all the halo shots of the former Leader of the Free World be another example of telling people up is down?