Russian meddling in the age of cyber

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"The irony is, we can't even pay the Russians back by screwing with their elections. They are already rigged."

The breaking news yesterday, was we now have enough forensic proof to show it was the Russians (the military version) who tried to hack into the DNC server, as well as Hillary's. And this is news why? Like everyday some evil force hiding in the dark web is trying to hack into someone's account. As more and more of our lives become digitally connected in the age of IOT (Internet of all things), the opportunities for bad guys to meddle just goes up and up and up.
Glenn Beck often talks about World War III not being fought with bombs and missiles. Rather ones and zeroes. In today's environment, a nation without proper cyber security can be brought to its knees by a trained cyber force. Electric grids can fail, nuclear plants can go critical, water problems, sewer problems, and so on.
Back to the meddling. Before I get all holier than thou about the Russians being all up in the Democrats business, I would need to know that we have never done this to them. However, something happened when Hillary was SOS and Putin was up for re-election. Something which caused him to turn on her. And, this former KGB officer does not forget suspected treachery. So even though there was no Trump-Putin cabal, it would not surprise me in the least to see Putin try and rain on Hillary's parade.
Rosenstein did make it crystal clear yesterday that 1) no American was involved in the twelve people indicted and 2) the meddling did NOT influence the outcome of the election. So where does that leave us? First off, my vote is no harm, no foul. The election did not hang on this tampering. So learn from it and move on. Second (and this is the biggie), it does not matter who in the Russian military is indicted, this mischief will continue. If sites are vulnerable to intrusion, it is time to up the cyber security. And Hillary - if you should run again in 2020, don't use illegal and unauthorized servers. They will be low fruit on the tree for meddling Russians.
What is going to happen on Monday when Trump meets Putin? Trump will ask him about it, and Putin will deny it. Putin has probably been watching the nightly news about the alleged Russia ties with Trump and having a good laugh. He managed to get our political system all tied up in knots without hardly doing anything. Again, we can ask Putin not to do this anymore, and he will deny ever doing it in the first place. But it will continue, and get worse.
Maybe under Trump we can get a real reset button going with the Russians. I know under Obama with Clinton and Kerry as his SOS representatives, things got pretty bad. The irony is, we can't even pay the Russians back by screwing with their elections. They are already rigged.