Just go away, Al

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I guess it wasn't enough that then senator Al Franken embarrassed himself during last year's confirmation hearings of eventual Supreme Court justice Neil Gorsuch. No, he would apparently love another opportunity for self debasement with the latest SCOTUS nominee.

When Judge Brett Kavanaugh appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee, I wish I could be there. Because I have some questions I’d love to see him answer. Here they are: https://t.co/hLGuu4QW3w — U.S. Senator Al Franken (@SenFranken) July 14, 2018

By the way, did you notice Al's still using the title of "U.S. Senator" in his Twitter name?

The fact that Franken believes a significant number of people even care what he has to say about anything political means reality is one of the few things he hasn't grasped.