Has London fallen?

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"What the UK should be saying right after declaring 'God save the Queen', is 'God save the Yanks'. Lord knows we have saved the Brits more than once."

The first foreign trip that President Trump took after assuming office was to Saudi Arabia. While in the Kingdom, he met with different Arabian heads of state. Donald Trump was treated like royalty - maybe even better. Memories are long over there. They know what America has done for them in the past, and might need to do in the future. In fact, most places that the President has visited, he has received a warm welcome. Everywhere but Europe.
I know, I know. The globalists in the Euro Zone miss their globalist buddy Barack. But he is gone, and we have a non-globalist in charge right now. A business man. One who is looking for a fair deal for America. Does he want to screw over other countries? Nope. He is a huge believer in the "win-win" solution. Unlike others, he eschews the zero sum solution.
Watching some of the news feed, I was wondering what in the world has happened to London? I know they are overrun with immigrants now, and have elected a Muslim Mayor, but the amount of disrespect shown to our President is absolutely jaw dropping. I thought the UK was suppose to be our closest ally in Europe. Really? My opinion is between the foolish decision that Germany made to invest in, and then buy Russian natural gas, and then the British backsliding on Brexit, is nothing less than disappointing.
If I were Donald Trump and saw the huge crowds of progressives in the streets of London with the sole purpose of protesting his visit, I would have a frank chat with PM May. I would tell her this will be my last trip to London as President. To allow protesters to be floating a highly disrespectful image of the President is beyond the pale. As far as I am concerned, London can just "stick it".
No, I have become very, very tired of countries who take this country for granted. If they want some "space" - good. So do we. Winston Churchill and Lady Thatcher are no longer with us. Now we have some goofball running London and some weak-kneed PM running the country.
What the UK should be saying right after declaring "God save the Queen", is "God save the Yanks". Lord knows we have saved the Brits more than once.