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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The horror.

And now, as Paul Harvey used to say, The Rest of the Story.

Not a rare species, according to a scientist. Big game hunts fund conservation efforts, stimulate the local economy and feed local villagers. The news story here is virtue-signaling Bambi-lovers tweeting nonsense, trying to incite violence against an American citizen. Why isn’t that illegal?

“Why isn’t that illegal?”

Because, like “Anti”-Fa attacking innocent protesters, if someone in official leftist circles stood up and did something about it, they’d never do lunch again.

Glad we could settle that.

Remember when the media was crawling over every square foot of wind-ravaged Puerto Rican soil looking for examples of Trump administration incompetence and corruption, making a hero out of San Juan’s idiot Democrat mayor in the process, if only briefly?

Where is the media now?

A mayor and two former government officials in Puerto Rico face public corruption charges in separate cases that involve a total of $8 million in federal and local funds, authorities said Thursday. The suspects are the mayor of the southwest town of Sabana Grande and the former directors of finance for the northern town of Toa Baja, which has struggled to pay its employees amid an 11-year recession.

U.S. Attorney Rosa Emilia Rodriguez told reporters that the former officials from Toa Baja are accused of using nearly $5 million worth of federal funds to pay the town’s public employees and municipal contractors.

“Not only is that illegal, it’s immoral,” she said.

Puerto Rico – aka “A Warm Minneapolis” – would be considered a “Failed State” if it weren’t a US territory.

But unless the “news” can “denormalize” Trump, they really don’t care.