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You’re millennial New Money fad-apparel compan.

You’re so woke, you name your entire company “Feminist Apparel”. You become a staple of the woke PC elite, worn by the glitterati at events ranging from the March for Women to…er, the Women’s March. And everything in between.

And then complications arise:

It all came to a grinding halt in June of 2018 when Feminist Apparel staff discovered that the brand’s founder and CEO Alan Martofel had an admitted history of sexually abusing women. In fact, he claims it’s the reason why he started the company in the first place.

Opportunity to get even more woke?

Oh, what do you think?

After asking for his resignation, all nine employees were fired without notice or severance. (Only Martfel and an outside consultant remained.)

I’ve got a conundrum here. On the one hand, it sounds like Marfel is a grade-a piece of garbage.

On the other hand, en masse demands for a company’s owner and entrepreneur to resign from his own company, even given the backstory seems a little…

…well, I’ll let one of the victims tell it in her own words:

“This is the patriarchy and toxic masculinity at its fucking finest,” says Rebecca Green, the company’s now-former art director.

(Pro tip: it’s not “masculinity” at al).

“I feel righteous and angry. I feel supported by my coworkers and friends. I also feel tired. I feel incredibly sorry knowing that there are survivors in this office who were led to believe that their contributions to this company were directly going to creating a safe space and platform for survivors, feminists, and marginalized identities. As an artist myself creating work based on my own experiences with the patriarchy, toxic masculinity, and harassment for this company — and by extension this man — I feel used and willfully mislead.”

Is it wrong to hope everyone in this story gets a smack upside the rhetorical head?