Which immigration policy wins?

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After Democrats decided to go too far on immigration, the only question left is whether there’s enough sensible Democrats to pull the party back from the brink of electoral disaster.

Scott Jennings put it beautifully when he wrote “This flap over family detention has again laid bare a debate that worked in Trump’s favor in 2016 and could still help him and the Republican Party win in 2018 and 2020: One party prefers tighter immigration restrictions and one party leans toward relaxed enforcement. Trump himself made that case in a speech in Las Vegas over the weekend, when he cited in fiery terms Democrats’ desire for “open borders” on a campaign swing designed to boost the fortunes of incumbent Republican Dean Heller. Democrats are likely to be disappointed when they poll this issue. My guess is that a majority of Americans will feel the same about Trump before and after, and some may even like him more. The bottom is not going to fall out of this presidency over Trump taking a position that conforms with his hardline anti-immigration stance. I imagine a negligible number of Trump supporters will abandon their support for him over this misguided policy.”

The truth is that the American people have a complex view of immigration in that they want families kept together, even if they’re here illegally. This speaks to Americans’ decency. They also want the border shut because they don’t like chaos ruling the nation. Nothing says chaotic like open borders.

Democrats, for the most part, want open borders. In the grand scheme of things, the American people prefer order over disorder. That’s especially true in America’s heartland. In fact, that preference is heightened in states like Ohio, Minnesota and Michigan.

If Democrats lose net House seats in those states, their path to a majority in the U.S. House disappears. That’s why I’ve preached that the path to the majority for the Democratic Party is slim for most of this year.

Why would I change my opinion after Democrats started espousing abolishing ICE?