I Hate To Indulge In Schadenfreude

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But when it comes to our spoiled, entitled left’s whining, whinging, childish mewling over the retirement of Anthony Kennedy – the worst I’ve heard since election night?


Literally in tears. Haven’t felt this hopeless in a long time. With Justice Kennedy leaving, we now have two options as Americans: get fitted for your Nazi uniform or report directly to your death camp. How do you fight the darkness without light? My spark is going out. #SCOTUS

— Matthew K. (@mattiek17) June 27, 2018

…the more I read…

Stock up on abortions now. Roe v. Wade is gone.

— Michael Ian Black (@michaelianblack) June 27, 2018

…and the harder I laugh…

Fuck you, Tony Kennedy

— Mara “Get Rid of the Nazis” Wilson (@MaraWilson) June 27, 2018

…not to mention their selective grasp of reality…

“Elections have consequences.” —President Obama, January 23, 2009 https://t.co/WPm5Eg377c

— Arthur Schwartz (@ArthurSchwartz) June 27, 2018

…Well, I have to say…

I was wrong. I do love schadenfreude.