Awaiting Janus

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The most important case before the Supreme Court this term has yet to be announced, but it could come today. Janus vs. AFSCME concerns Mark Janus, an employee of the State of Illinois, who is not a member of the AFSCME public employee union, but is compelled to pay "fair share" dues to AFSCME. It's the same topic that led Wisconsin Democrats to the mattresses when Act 10 passes in 2011. If the Court rules in favor of Janus, it will be a crippling blow to public employee unions, which are now a huge part of the financial and power structure of the modern Democratic Party, especially here in Minnesota.

On balance, this term for the Supremes has been very good for conservatives. If this ruling goes in favor of Janus, it will be more or less a clean sweep. And if Anthony Kennedy retires after the end of the term, Trump will get a chance to name a second justice who should be more reliable than Kennedy, who enjoys a little moral preening as a perk of his job.