Fascists among us

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President Donald Trump held a rally at AMSOIL Arena Wednesday evening, an event which appeared to be sold out. As photos of the rally crowd circulated online, someone noticed that Minnesota native/NBA Hall of Famer Kevin McHale was in the crowd. This didn't surprise me in the least given I know his wife Lynn a little bit and am fully aware of her right-of-center political worldview.

Nevertheless, I was saddened (though not the least bit surprised) when Lynn informed her Facebook community of some of the response to her husband merely being in a crowd of thousands to hear a sitting president speak.

For all the moral preening professional athletes and coaches engage in over the salient social issues of our day, apparently diversity of thought is one which is to be left at the door if anyone associated with a pro sports league doesn't espouse the "progressive" mindset.

Clay Travis at Outkick the Coverage noticed this, too.

The most ironic thing here is that the same people falling over backwards to argue that Colin Kaepernick has the right to share his political opinions in uniform at work during the national anthem are now arguing that Kevin McHale doesn’t have the right to share his political opinions outside of work in his own private life. WITHOUT EVEN SPEAKING. HE JUST STOOD AT A RALLY IN THE NBA OFFSEASON! (My position on this is straightforward, if McHale began his NBA broadcast by saying, “I know you’re all here to watch an NBA game, but let me start off this broadcast by telling you guys how much I love Donald Trump and why I support building a wall,” then it would be perfectly within Turner and the NBA’s rights to terminate McHale. He’s an employee there to call a game not to use their broadcast network to share his political beliefs. But to argue that an employee doesn’t have the right to support political causes he believes in outside of work? That’s patently absurd).

Leftists have been chock full of irony this week. First, they insisted Trump (someone who is consistently labeled a fascist) re-write immigration laws via executive fiat (so much for their strange new respect for Separation of Powers). Then they go and exhibit a fascist mindset themselves by implying someone doesn't have a right to earn a living because he attended a political speech given by someone whom the left reviles.

But hey, "PROGRESS" or something.