A most dangerous order

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"More than anything else, vote this November. Vote for the Red Team. A vote for the Blue Team will put us ever closer to the edge. Closer to not having a country any longer."

It was the order which pleased no one. "It's not over yet!" screamed one of the headlines in the paper. Meanwhile, those in the base are left wondering if the President just stepped into a trap. How so? By being baited for a "catch and release" solution. All it will take is for one of the many fuzzy headed judges, to issue a stay on the order. A stay on how long we can keep these now united families in "holding". Like no more than twenty days, as before. Then they would need to be released. And as law enforcement would say, they will be "in the wind". Bye-bye.

My view? We now have a mess - a mess of historic magnitude. The Loons on the Left WILL NOT BE HAPPY until all our borders are eviscerated, and "we are all one". There will be no more sanctuary cities or states - we won't need them. The entire country will be sanctuary. MS-13, as well as other Central American gangs, will prowl our streets like hungry lions looking for victims to devour. And child trafficking will become as common as having a cold snap in January.
We will no longer have English as our official language. We will be multi-lingual, multi-sexual and multi-poor. As we continue to trip over our PC feelings, China will race ahead of us in economic development. For the most part, we will be working for them. Our country will be approaching 350 million, with the last 25 million to enter having zero work or language skills.
This is the America the Left envisions for everyone. If it sounds dystopic, it is. It will mark the end of days for this great country. But the Left does not care. Why? They seldom think - they only feel. And feelings don't favor the prepared mind.
This immigration issue has really put us on a tipping point. Sometimes I wonder if it is only the President with the cahoonas to call a spade a spade. What is happening on our southern border right now is nothing short of an invasion. Our President has repeatedly warned us that a nation without borders is not a nation anymore. "Ya, ya, blah, blah", says the Loony Left. "Your are just privileged white racists if you believe that!
I see real danger coming this November. If we allow the Blue Wave to materialize, I see peril for our border security, as well as Second Amendment protection. Tax cuts will be reversed. And the match which will light the fire is this mob of socialists, will find something, anything, to impeach our President. Then the s**t storm starts.
I have never wanted nor hoped for another civil war in this country. But today, we have never been closer. It will not be the north against the south this time. It will be the patriots against the modern day Tories. It will be those who want to break this country apart, against those who want to retain what was handed down to us by our Founders. It will be the Constitutionalists against the anarchists. And it will not end well for any of us.
Stay strong America. Stay alert. Be like a sheepdog, being ever vigilant. For there is evil which is approaching. These are not the times to take a pass, not to times to take the "blue pill". This is truly "all hands on deck".
More than anything else, we NEED to vote this November. Vote for the Red Team. A vote for the Blue Team will put us ever closer to the edge. Closer to not having a country any longer.