The Messenger Is The Medium

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Bruce Willis’s remake of Death Wish got panned. Flamed. Excoriated. Racism, sexism, gun-ism, failure to recycle, the works.

Now comes Peppermint, starring Jennifer Garner.

And what’s the theme, you ask?

“What do I want? I want justice,” Garner warns in the trailer’s opening seconds. From there, we see her spending quality time with her family before tragedy strikes. She retreats for a while, licking her wounds and turning herself into a living weapon.

Why? To take out the trash.

And the media the skinned Willis alive? Silent.

This is nothing new, of course; about ten years ago, Hollywood released a couple of movies where sympathetic characters went on vigilante sprees, where “sympathetic” meant suitably left of center; most noxious was Jodie Foster as an NPR host who went all Charles Bronson on her husband’s killer.

The lesson?

The only thing consistent about out culture’s misbegotten “elites” is ther hypocrisy.