Separation anxiety

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I don't have a whole lot to add on the issue of children being separated from their parents by immigration officials at the southern U.S. border. As usual, both parties in Congress will convey outrage and concern over the practice but then cobble legislation which they know full well the other side will not acquiesce to and then engage in obligatory finger pointing for legislative failures. It's all beyond predictable.

For my money, the best insights on what really is happening on the border were put forth by Ben Shapiro and Rich Lowry. Let's just say you're not getting the entire story from the mainstream media (shocking, I know).

And in response to all the pearl clutching, my friend Mark "Mr. D" Heuring offered a common sense perspective.

I have a question -- if you commit a crime in this country, are convicted, and are sentenced to prison, what happens to your children? Depending on your circumstances, a lot of things could happen. Your kids may end up living with your spouse, grandparents, other family. They could end up in foster care. One thing is certain -- they will be separated from you. Is that cruel? Sure, but it's one of many reasons you shouldn't get sent to prison. What's happening at the border now means parents are getting separated from their children. That's cruel, too. But it's also predictable. If anyone you know is shrieking "this is not what we are" on social media, they're not telling you the truth, or they're dumb.

As we've come to know, it's not just parents who are arriving at the border with kids. It's also unrelated adults who are looking to enter the country under the guise of seeking asylum but quite possibly have nefarious intentions (i.e. human trafficking, terrorism, etc.).

Bottom line is there has to be a better way to end this practice of separating kids from parents as I do not believe the majority of families have evil motives for entering the U.S. But, to be honest, I have zero clue as to a viable solution, save for maybe transporting said families to the homes off all the virtue signalers with the "All Are Welcome Here" signs on their front lawns. I mean, we can assume they have the financial wherewithal to support these families, right?