Down The Memory Hole

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There was another mass shooting the other day

One dead, 21 wounded – pretty ghastly, and could have probably been much worse.

But there are no marches; Alyssa Milano is nowhere to be found; David “Boss” Hogg is silent about it. No celeb has soiled themselves with outrage. Even Minnesota’s gun control groups, always hovering like ghouls looking for any hint of gunny ugliness, have kept mum.

There’s a reason for that:

This was gang warfare. And it’s probably the most common form of gun violence seen in major cities on a yearly basis. But nobody is talking about it the way they will if a deranged white guy with a rifle commits the far more rare mass shooting of that type. There’s a gun violence problem here that could be addressed, making a serious difference. But places like Baltimore, Maryland and Chicago, Illinois still have municipal leaders who can’t bring themselves to pass harsher laws to put away first-time offenders who commit gun crimes. They prefer to focus on justice reform, emptying the prisons more quickly and blaming the police.

One dead, 22 injured. But that’s not even a drop in the bucket compared to the death tolls in Baltimore and Chicago just this year alone. Background checks aren’t going to solve this. Enforcing the laws we already have on the books and getting illegal firearms out of the hands of criminals will.

But nobody seems to want to talk about that.

The victims don’t look like the children of NPR executives.

The community (Trenton, New Jersey – where strict gun laws ensure this sort of thing can’t happen, donchaknow) doesn’t look like Crocus Hill or Kenwood.

The violence isn’t telegenic enough to really manipulate people all that well.

And so I’m gonna guess most of you haven’t heard of the shooting. I’d only caught a snippet somewhere – and it wasn’t on NPR.