Toxic Social “Justice”

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Fathers Day greetings from the world’s social justice pimps:

I have seen at least three businesses lately that have signs or t-shirts in the window that boldly state: “The Future is Female,” probably placed there by someone (male or female) who thinks they are a good and altruistic person who doesn’t hate. But they are wrong. Advertising, whether it be in the Washington Post or a storefront window, that men are to be hated or excluded from the future of America is hate in its rawest form, plain and simple.

I have but five words for these social justice warriors who think that they are just speaking truth to power: “Hate Has No Home Here.” It never will; as long as you hate men and innocent boys in this country, you are the problem, not the solution. And the rest of us will treat you as such.

Y’know how you can tell those sort of contempt is catching on? The market is reacting to it. For thirty years, now, advertising for products and services largely bought by women have increasingly portrayed men as incompetent, bumbling overgrown children (inevitably and inexplicably married to gorgeous, accomplished women). The market caters to things it sees people actually believing.

“But men do it too!”

Nah. Look at ads for products catering to men – women may be portrayed as objects of juvenile desire, but the contempt just isn’t there.

The ads – like the signs – are the symptom. The illness is “Feminism” as a politicla and social identity.

So why did Trump win the ’16 election?

Was it the Democrat party’s rocket-ride to the extreme left?

The “Elite” condescension toward the great American geographic, political and economic middle?

Donald Trump’s facility at seeing the above and appealing to people to whom it mattered?

Or was it simple crass vulgarity?

Wisconsin Democrats are picking “D”:

Democrats are convinced that Wisconsin is primed for a Trump-backlash-inspired “blue wave” come November, and potential Walker challengers have joined the race in droves. With so many bodies in the race, a fringe candidate could conceivably win the primary with 15 to 20 percent of the vote and move on to face the vulnerable Republican incumbent in November. And just as Candidate Trump used vulgarity, insults, and half-cooked media stunts to differentiate himself from his primary opponents two years ago, so, too, are Walker’s Democratic challengers in 2018.

And they are quite the cast of himbos:

Mike McCabe, a former “good government” activist who suggested he would rent the governor’s mansion out to travelers on Airbnb, began his campaign by promising to end Walker’s “golden-shower economics.” Businessman Andy Gronik, who received a settlement of more than $6 million in a lawsuit he filed claiming a house he had purchased had given him an inflammatory-bowel disorder, told a debate crowd that he couldn’t wait to “hit” Walker. And on the same rainy day Mahlon Mitchell dropped his scatological stylings on the transportation group, state school superintendent Tony Evers joined a group in Madison protesting cuts to the state’s university system and told the group Walker’s cuts were “bullsh**.”

And just watch – if they win, “being crude, crass and impolitic” will suddenly become a virtue among Dems.

If there is a favorite in the Democratic field, it is Evers, a buttoned-up 65-year-old former teacher who has won three statewide elections as school superintendent. Nearly a decade ago, Evers beat cancer after having his esophagus and part of his stomach removed; today, he can’t eat a full meal and has to sleep at a 45 degree angle. However, even though the avuncular Evers has appeared on three statewide ballots, he is still relatively unknown in areas outside heavily liberal Madison. One recent poll had Evers leading the primary field with a flaccid 20 percent, which may explain his sudden foray into campaigning’s dark arts. In one January interview, he referred to Walker as an “idiot,” and he recently told the state Democratic convention that he was “goddamn sick and tired” of Walker’s policies.

And just when you thought nothing could be…loonier than this past DFL convention..

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