If only it had been Obama…

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"Stay tuned folks. This was only scene one of act one of this international drama. There will be some ups and downs until we finally get to a treaty everyone will be happy with."

Oh, cruel fate! Why, oh why, could this historic event with North Korea not have happened under Obama's watch? I can close my eyes right now and just imagine the pomp and circumstance. The Strib headlines would have been "OBAMA SAVES THE WORLD!!! Mount Rushmore would have been getting prepped for the fifth (and most prominent) face. Another Nobel Peace prize? Not hardly! They would be coming up with a "World Saver" category!

But it was not Obama. It was Trump. So the news reporting on this most historic event has gone from the ordinary, to almost treason. "He was more of a salesman than a statesman!" Or, "He gave up war games with South Korea and got nothing in return!" There are many more examples, but I am not going to waste ink in recreating them.
Here are the facts for the uninformed mass media out there. When North Korea allowed three hostages to go free and received nothing in return, that is called a "good faith" movement. It helped set the table for the upcoming summit. Then during the summit, when Kim was expressing concern for the safety of his regime should they de-nuke, our President offered to suspend the war games with South Korea. How the press reported it, one would have thought Trump offered unilateral disarmament.
Here are the facts as I see them. Other information I received from listening to Trump's middle of the night presser. First - this, just like letting the hostages free, suspending the war games was a "good faith" movement. No quid pro quo required. Second - if the North Koreans decide to play loose with us and not be trustworthy, we can always restart war games. Third - (according to POTUS), these games are very costly, as well as provocative to the North. Stopping the games will save us money, and ease tensions with the North. Again - if Obama had done this, the press would have heralded it as "A stroke of genius", or "A movement whose time had come".
A word or two about the Memorandum of Understanding which came out of the summit. Holy smokes - does the lap dog press ever show its ignorance on this one! I have said before, the fact we got ANYTHING in writing from this first meeting, is nothing short of a miracle. Trump himself has said this was only the first in a series of meetings. What is going to come out of these meetings? As more meetings happen, and the agreements become more finite, there will be much more specific Memorandum of Agreements (MOA) which will be signed. Those MOA's will become the cornerstones for a Congressional approved treaty.
I could have predicted the bed wetting by the Left once this summit was over. It was very disruptive to the Mueller investigation. You know - the one which is going to show Trump and Putin were plotting the overthrow of the US Government. But besides the summit, all this winning which had been happening under Trump, is killing the narrative.
Stay tuned folks. This was only scene one of act one of this international drama. There will be some ups and downs until we finally get to a treaty which everyone will be happy with. For Trump, this is yet another international deal he has worked on. If I were to put this most important venture in anyone's hands, it would be someone with the experience of Donald Trump. The previous guy had nothing to offer, except maybe an attitude and an agenda. That is why it was not Obama which could pull this off.