Dorholt’s liberal ideology

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Zach Dorholt’s newest political venture is running for the ISD 742 School Board. Predictably, Dorholt is bringing his failed liberal ideology with him.

One of Dorholt’s “priorities” is “to revamp Apollo High School.” “You hear the conversation of, ‘Am I going to go to this brand new school or am I going to go to this relic from the ’70s?’ I don’t want that to be a narrative in our community. These need to be equal schools,’ he said. ‘There’s a lot of different ideas about how to do that and I want to make sure that conversation is constructive.'”

Actually, St. Cloud doesn’t need 2 high schools, especially with grade school enrollments dropping over the next 10 years. The new Tech High School should be able to house all of the students within a decade. The last thing we need is to spend another $25,000,000-$50,000,000 on renovating Apollo.

Dorholt will have high name recognition going for him in his campaign. What he’ll have going against him is his reckless spending habits, his love of tax increases and his liberal ideology of just dumping tons of money at noisemakers. People who have studied the Apollo issue and who are honest know that we don’t need to renovate the building.

Dorholt and his fellow liberal won’t admit it but St. Cloud isn’t growing. Businesses are closing or moving. People who still live in St. Cloud are sending their kids to Sauk Rapids-Rice HS so they won’t have to deal with the Tech situation.

Meanwhile, Dorholt and his progressive friends have buried their heads in the sand, pretending that the problems I just outlined don’t exist. Unfortunately for taxpayers, they exist. Dorholt and the other progressives on the Board will attempt to throw more money at the problem without fixing the problem.