As They Pour On The Vinegar, They Add A Splash Of Honey

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California proposes a “no buy list” for guns, for people who fear they might commit suicide:

Assembly Bill 1927 would allow at-risk individuals to put themselves on a voluntary no-buy list, which would prevent them from purchasing guns from a licensed dealer. The bill was approved by the Assembly on Wednesday and is now in the state Senate.

Often, people at risk of suicide are well aware of their vulnerability, especially if they have chronic mental illness. Research shows that suicide is almost always an impulsive act during acute distress. A no-buy list, which recently passed in Washington state, allows suicidal crises to pass without a gun nearby. Once the crisis passes, individuals can take themselves off the list.

How to respond?

  1. While suicide may be an impulse, I’m going to guess buying a gun on impulse to check out is rarer than Erin Maye Quade going to a NASCAR race. People who commit suicide by firearm tend to have owned them for years, decades, without incident.
  2. Any bets on how long it’ll stay “voluntary” if it’s passed? I say two years, outside.