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"Someone asked me up in Duluth why Tim skipped the big gala up there. I told them it was his name. "Tim" the person asked? No, his full name - Timidity."

Well, the T-Bots are out in full force now. Oh yes, I am hearing from them. I had one ask me why Jeff did not bow out and clear the field for Tim. You know, according to his T-bots, Tim is the only guy who can win in November. I have to admit I was a bit slack jawed when I heard that question. After all, while Tim was sipping on some St. Paul craft beer this past weekend, Jeff was in a real fight up in Duluth to win the endorsement. And now that he is the state wide endorsed candidate for Governor, the T-bots think he should drop out? That question took some testicular fortitude, as well as not many brains.
Here are the facts as I see them. Jeff has been working on this run since very early in 2017. Actually, Jeff and I got together for coffee in November of 2016 to discuss the possibility of another run. I strongly encouraged him. I told him he was the strongest, most qualified candidate for Governor, I had ever seen. If he decided to run, I was on his team. And I am.
Since his run started, Jeff has worked mile by mile, event by event, dollar by dollar, handshake by handshake. He is a true grassroots candidate. His name is strong with the base, with those who really know him, really like him. I have said this before - Jeff Johnson is one of the most honorable and noble men I have ever met. He treats every Minnesotan the same. Like they matter. And they do.
This year is the best opportunity in my adult lifetime for the Red Team to really clean house in November. My thinking is we will, big time - except maybe for the Governor's seat. Shocked I would say that? Don't be. Let me explain why.
I have talked to a lot of people in and out of the base - mostly in. Many from all over the state. Here is what I have found, if I can extrapolate (from pure estimation) from what I have heard to date:

  • Over 50% - maybe higher, will NEVER vote for Pawlenty again. They feel betrayed by how he governed for his two terms. Plus the "swamp monster" he became after serving is another anchor on his foot.
  • Maybe 20% - never vote for Jeff. Lost twice. Too nice and too boring. Besides all of which, T-Paw has a better chance in the general.
  • 10% - Vote red, no matter who it is.
  • 20% - don't give a flying fig.

What I am seeing here is a perfect recipe on how to lose to a very fractured and disorganized Blue Team in November. Plain and simple, they will coalesce before election day, and we won't. We never do. Get ready for Dayton revisited.

One final thing to say on this matter. Team Jeff has known about the TPaw election strategy long before he officially entered. Raise a million or so from fat cats, skip the endorsement process (so he does not get beat), and then spend all that money in the hinterland to garner votes. Votes from whom? Those who know his record? Na - those who only know his name.

Someone asked me up in Duluth why Tim skipped the big gala up there. I told them it was his name. "Tim" the person asked? No, his full name - Timidity.