Ain’t enough popcorn in the state of Minnesota….

Click here to view original web page at consume when sitting back and watching the DFL chaos late Sunday night and into Monday.

To recap:

- Endorsed DFL gubernatorial candidate (and proud "gun control" advocate) Erin Murphy had selected as her running mate Rep. Erin Maye Quade (DFL-Apple Valley), another proud gun grabber (except when it's politically expedient not to be) whose wife is affiliated with the Bloomberg gun grabber group Everytown. On Monday, Maye Quade flubbed a question regarding E-85. This is the same issue which many believe cost the 2006 DFL gubernatorial ticket an opportunity to defeat then incumbent governor Tim Pawlenty. Back then it was Dem candidate Mike Hatch's running mate Judi Dutcher who stepped in it when asked about E-85. But this time was especially damaging considering Maye Quade a) repeated one of the more embarrassing campaign moments in DFL history and b) is a current member of the Job Growth and Energy Affordability Policy and Finance committee.

- Current Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson decided to not seek her current office after not receiving the DFL endorsement Saturday (she led after one ballot with 52% of the vote but withdrew, thus allowing the endorsement to go to the far, far, farrrrrr left Matt Pelikan). On Monday she entered the governor's race to challenge Murphy in the August DFL primary. In addition to throwing the DFL gubernatorial nomination into complete chaos, this now puts it jeopardy the nearly half-century Dem stranglehold on the MN Attorney General's office.

National Republican AG group had planned to target MN when Swanson was flirting with #mngov run earlier. They backed down when she did. Now that she’s running for #mngov, expect that race to add to the tsunami of national $$ hitting MN this year. #mn2018 — Brian Bakst (@Stowydad) June 4, 2018

Lest we forget, Swansom selected as her running mate retiring CD8 Congressman Rick Nolan who, back in March, endorsed for governor.......Tim Walz.

- Speaking of Walz, who was denied the DFL gov endorsement over the weekend despite being the favorite, he and running mate Peggy Flanagan officially filed for the party's primary. Walz also trolled Maye Quade on the E-85 issue.

I am imagining a lot of political junkies like myself being on the candidate section of the MN Secretary of State web site right up until the Tuesday 5:00 PM filing deadline:

Which means we'll need a lot more of this: