The Return Of The Queen

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4 thoughts on “The Return Of The Queen”

  1. This could be fun to watch! Democrats are dividing themselves more. In my office this morning, I overheard a couple of Walz supporters say that they are voting GOP now, because Walz “got screwed over”. One of them said; “Ya! This is Bernie all over again”! According to one other, “several other delegates will also not be voting for Democrats now”.

  2. Best case: Erin^2 uses liberal money to lock up the urban plantation. Swanson and Walz split the Greater MN DFL vote (such as it is), giving us Erin&Erin in November.

    Now, if only the GOP manages not to shoot itself in the foot.

  3. I see that Swanson hasn’t seen the Erin her way and has decided to bypass the convention. (Don’t groan, it had to be done sooner or later.)

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The DFL convention often doesn’t agree with the broader DFL, which often overrides the fringe that attend the convention. So often that it’s a wonder that the DFL doesn’t have a convention after the primary to select candidates, complete with super delegates, much as the national Democrats already do. After all, democracy is only good up to a point; the point at which the Party insiders are threatened.

  4. Trusting the MN GOP to not shoot itself in the foot is like trusting a scorpion not to sting you as you swim it across the river. It’s simply not in its nature.

    This does bring to mind the time those sexist DFLers voted down the endorsed Kelliher in the primary in favor of Governor Mumbles.

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