Symbolism over substance

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In 2010, the last time there was an open race for Minnesota governor, the DFL endorsed then House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher to be their candidate. However, she was defeated in that year's primary by elitist and career politician Little Lord Fauntleroy Mark Dayton.

Fast forward to yesterday. At their biennial state convention, the DFL once again endorsed a woman for their gubernatorial nod with Erin Murphy prevailing over Congressman Tim Walz and State Auditor Rebecca Otto. However, given his significant fundraising prowess, Walz is likely to take this to the August primary where he has a good chance to earn the party's nomination for governor.

For all the chiding DFLers engage in towards MN Republicans over their lack of female gubernatorial candidates, they are certainly willing to allow theirs to touch the proverbial glass ceiling but not actually break through it.