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- With the Republican Party of Minnesota state convention set to kick off Friday in Duluth, the one gubernatorial candidate not attending is making some serious campaign news.

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty has selected current Lt. Gov. Michelle Fischbach as his lieutenant governor running mate for his bid to become Minnesota’s next governor and reclaim the seat for Republicans.

In picking Fischbach, Pawlenty can show not only a woman on his ticket, but a seasoned tactician with decades of experience in the Legislature.

I especially appreciated Fischbach's tenacity just ahead of this year's legislative session. Many DFLers insisted it was unconstitutional that Fischbach serve as both President of the Senate and lieutenant governor. There was even discussion of attempts to refuse to seat her in the Senate. In the end, Fischbach served in this session, resigned upon its completion and then was sworn in as LG. Many suspected that this move was an attempt to angle her way on to a GOP gubernatorial ticket. However, Fischbach confirmed at the news conference introducing her as Pawlenty's running mate that she accepted this invitation before resigning her Senate seat.

You wanna know how best to gauge what a solid pick this is for Pawlenty?

It's even more hilarious when you consider that many MNGOP convention delegates are labeling Pawlenty as a Republican in the motif of Arne Carlson.

- Smug progressive: "Can you believe Roseanne Barr could say such despicable things about another woman simply based on the pretense that they disagree politically?"

Sumg proggie "comedienne" Samantha Bee: "Hold my Molson."

- Yeah, so this sucks.

Minnesota Twins first baseman Joe Mauer has not been able to shake the concussion-like symptoms he has experienced since hurting his neck three weeks ago.

Mauer's return to the lineup hit another roadblock while working out Thursday before Minnesota's game against Cleveland, when continued sensitivity to light and noise while jogging around and fielding ground balls forced him to back off.

"We kind of got a better feel for where I'm at, and I'm not there yet," Mauer said.

The 35-year-old Mauer has also been dealing with a cervical strain resulting from a May 11 dive for a foul ball. He played for another week before departing midgame May 18 and being placed on the disabled list the following day.

After sustaining a concussion while playing catcher in 2013, it was decided that Mauer be moved to first base starting in 2014. While his production at the plate clearly waned over the next few seasons, Mauer worked to become a very good defensive first baseman. Then all of a sudden in 2017 he hit above .300 for the first time in three seasons and was off to a solid start to the 2018 campaign. Suddenly it appeared Mauer might be in line for a 1 or 2 year contract extension when his current 8-year deal expired at the end of this year, something which seemed far fetched just a couple of years earlier. But with this latest development, Mauer's career is very much in jeopardy should these latest symptoms persist.

How utterly depressing.