PIGS and beyond…

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"In any event, I am very happy right now with the course this country is on. Being a Globalist is so very yesterday. I am liking our 'American first' mantra more and more all the time."

Your 401k or IRA might have taken a hit yesterday. Why? The market went down about 400 points. Why? PIGS. specifically, the "I" in PIGS. For those who cannot remember, PIGS is the acronym for Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. Basically the southern Euro Zone countries. They seem to be the ones who are the most plagued with debt and financial issues. So this time around it was Italy and not Greece who almost set the world markets on fire. Stay tuned - more coming.
A few days ago, my wife and I were discussing a large cruise type vacation for 2019 - to celebrate our 45th anniversary. One of the ideas she suggested was a European cruise. I vetoed that immediately. For those who have been reading the fine print recently, know what I am talking about. Big trouble might be right around the corner.
More "Brexits" might be coming in the near future. According to the Washington Post, France, the Netherlands, Greece or Sweden might be next. Bottom line? The Euro and the Euro Zone are a mess right now.
To compound the financial issues in the Euro Zone, they also are struggling with how to assimilate a whole bunch of new migrants, many of whom chose not to assimilate. When I am talking big numbers, I mean really big numbers. For example, in Amsterdam, the population is now 14% Muslim. That is quite a change from when I would travel to Amsterdam many years ago. And in Antwerp, it is almost 17% Muslim. By 2030, demographers are predicting France will be 10% Muslim and the entire Euro Zone will be 8%. This is huge.
Why do I bring this up? Am I picking on Muslims? Not a bit. I am however, very suspicious of people who do not want to assimilate. Then when I hear spokespeople for a religion say once they are a majority, they will initiate Sharia Law, I get way beyond suspicious.
Yesterday on the radio, Glenn Beck was talking about the "Bubba Effect" which is happening in some countries in Europe. What is the "Bubba Effect"? A term which has been given to the the rise of the New Far Right. This is where the trouble is going to come. It will be a clash of wills between those who believe in the "Bubba Effect", and those who choose not to assimilate. Because of that reason alone, things in Europe could get very bad, very fast.
In any event, I am very happy right now with the course this country is on. Being a Globalist is so very yesterday. I am liking our "American first" mantra more and more all the time.
I hate to say this, but it is true. The Euro Zone allowed themselves to get into this mess, it will be up to them to get themselves out of it. Even though Italy is the country in the spotlight right now, many economists believe we are going to hear from Greece again, sooner rather than later. When that happens, it could spell the end of the Euro as well as the Euro Zone.