Ghouls Just Want To Have Fun

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Over the Memorial Day weekend “Protect” Minnesota just couldn’t help itself; they had to appropriate a solemn national observance to their mission:

Normally, something like this would end up in me wading into the fever swamp to smack them down.

Especially when you get people like this chiming in:

(Would someone please tell me what the “Right to be Safe” is? Is it the same as the “Right not to have a car accident?” There is no such right – merely a responsibility to drive carefully. There is a responsibility to protect one’s self, family, property and community. That’s it).

But the good part – and this was one of the highlights of a wonderful Memorial Day weekend – was that a swarm of Real Americans beat me to the fever swamp, and kicked the living s**t out of “Protect” Minnesota:

And it continued:

They weren’t even started:

Done? Not on your life!

The hits kept coming!:

Biff Bang Pow!

Watch for “P” M to advocate for “Common Sense Opinion Control” if more of this sort of common sense breaks out:

If it’d been a boxing match, the ref would have stopped it long before this:

By this point, it was like the 3rd Quarter in the 1940 NFL Championship game:

Or maybe the carpet-bombing of Saint Lo:

And you know what the best part of it was? With one or two exceptions, I didn’t know a single one of them. There weren’t movers and shakers at Minnesota’s grass roots Real American groups. They were regular schnooks who heard what a mockery the Reverend Nancy Nord Bence was making of a treasured American observance, and would stand it no more.

Among the best?

Nord Bence took the post down not long after that – hoping to drop it down the memory hole.

We’re still here, Reverend. We never forget.

Oh, yeah – these are the people Tim Walz chose to cavort with before the last election:

Next time he says he’s the guy to bring shooters and criminal-safety advocates together as governor, remember this.

Anyway – for those about to rock who conclusively rocked Nancy Nord Bence’s complacent, entitled Urban Progressive Privilege – I salute you.